Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Kenneth Hahn

It was time to get Hailey out of the house and let her run around and play outside.

We headed out to nearby Kenneth Hahn Park. It has a stream and waterfalls, rocks and trees.

Hailey ran around, jumping and climbing all over the rocks.

Surveying the land.

She had such a great time.

This Parks and Recreations truck pulled up and the ducks climbed out and waddled over there. They knew he had food.

Hailey got to help feed the ducks.

It was nice and relaxing next to the stream.

Steven took Hailey all around the park to play.

The leaves on these trees are so pretty.

The babbling stream.

Evan had a great time. We held him and he napped pretty much the whole time.

Hailey also got to play on one of the playgrounds.

Evan just loves being held.

Aw, so nice sitting with Mama on the bridge.

The water makes the park feel realy tranquil.

Poke it with a stick!

Daddy and Evan took a nap together on the grass.