Saturday, March 17, 2012

St Patricks Day at the Farm

The plan for today was to go down to the Irish Festival down in Costa Mesa.

After an hour drive down we found out the festival was cancelled due to rain. BOO!!!

They did have a home remodeling event that we wandered through for about half an hour. But Hailey was only interested in the garden fountains.

Across the street was a public community farm.

It was fun for Hailey because in Los Angeles the only animals you will ever see live in the zoo.

The farm was empty except for us and the animals.

They also had an impressive produce garden in full bloom.

There were quite a few new baby animals that were born at the begining of the year.

They are cuter when they are little.

See the tiny black baby hiding behind its mom.

The baby goats wanted to head butt each other... it was quite entertaining.

Hailey missed the sign that said "Animals bite, don't get too close or touch."

Just a quick touch while no one is looking.

Recently we attended a free screening for The Lorax in Hollywood at the Mann Chinese Theater. Hollywood is gross and dirty, but at least the movie was exciting. Hailey just got 4 molars and we had 10 days of non-stop crying so it was nice to do something fun.