Thursday, August 18, 2011

Catching Up With Hailey

We went to my friend Stacy's wedding. It was the last day the temple was open before cleaning and there were 27 sealings going on. So busy!

Stacy had a friend crochet her flowers to mix in with her bouquet. So pretty.

Stacy's mom made her wedding dress and it was beautiful.

I think I was the only one who got a slice of the top cake, and I had to beg Stacy's aunt for a slice. All three layers were different flavors. I had to promise to eat it before anyone saw me. I am not a cake lover, but this was so very delicious!

Hailey was so excited to see the puppies that live next door to us.

Look at that crazy bed head morning hair!

Trying to climb through the fence...

She is very gentle with animals.

Hailey loves to pick tomatoes out of our garden regardless of what color they are. We have made buckets of bruschetta and sun dried tomatoes. Delicious!

We went camping last week up at Jackson Lake and it was the first time Hailey has ever been camping.

She loved everything about it.
She loved exploring and playing in the dirt.

We even took some rafts out on the lake.

Hailey loves to help and gets upset if Steve and I don't include her in what we are doing. You can see she wanted to help set up the tents.

Hailey loves to climb on just about anything. Such a little monkey!

So sleepy.

My dad's great; he brought and blew up a air mattress for Steve and me while everyone else had to sleep on the hard ground.