Saturday, August 6, 2011

Like a Sponge

Hailey has been learning so much. This past month she learned her seventh word, "hi," as you can see here. Since then she started saying all sorts of words. Jeni has been teaching her the parts of the face and she learned to say "nose" and "eye." When counting Hailey says "two." She just started saying "hot" around hot foods and drinks.

And as you can see here we've been singing nursery rhymes with Hailey. Here we are singing Ring Around the Rosie, or as Hailey started calling it "Ashes Ashes." That makes 12 words for Hailey. Not a bad vocabulary. It's so exciting to hear her pick up on all these things, especially when it's random like "ashes ashes." It does seem like she's absorbing all this information around her.