Saturday, July 30, 2011

Pottermore and the Magical Quill

Whenever something big happens with Harry Potter I kind of geek out over it. Now is another geek-out moment for me.

We recently spent a week in Orlando to see the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal. That was awesome. I think Jeni got annoyed with me because several times when we left that section I just wanted to turn around and go back - and not even to go on the rides but to just be there, right in the middle of it all. And of course we saw the film there when it came out on the 15th.

I was not even aware that something even more exciting was about to happen. Then I learned about Pottermore and the opportunity to further dive into the Harry Potter universe through additional writings of J.K. Rowling (and cool internet, audio-visual experiences too). Would you like to hear about the history of the Hogwarts Express? Yes please. Want to read about the details of wand woods and even get your own, unique wand? It's like my birthday all over again.

Then just tonight I read the news that got me so excited that I don't know if I can sleep. Over the next 7 days I can solve clues that lead me to the Magical Quill at Hogwarts which can permit early registration into Pottermore and it starts tonight at midnight. You mean there's an online quest with riddles to solve? Awesome! I know what I'm doing this week.