Thursday, July 21, 2011

Baby Signs

This is the sign for "more" that we've been teaching Hailey. She's done it a few times before after we show her but it's really just been this week that she's done it when she wants more to eat or drink. So cute.

Her other signs she knows are waving (for bye), panting (for puppy - she came up with that on her own), scrunching up her nose (for stinky), touching her thumb and index finger (for bird), and twirling her finger around (for fan - she also came up with that one on her own after watching our ceiling fan).

I don't think these really count as signs but Hailey also points all day long to what she's interested in, she makes this raspy sound in her throat (for icky), and just recently she's started putting her hand in her diaper when she needs to be changed, much to our chagrin. We'd rather she learn to pat her diaper or something.