Friday, July 22, 2011

Literary Signpost

We wanted to have a cute sign for the front of our house. We saw someone's online and read how to paint signs to make them look old. We bought a round post and 3 fence boards from Home Depot. Steven helped break them to give those cool, ragged edges.

Since we love books we decided our signs would be for places in our favorite children's stories.

The signs were painted a dark walnut color. To give it the cracked paint look we painted on a layer of Elmer's glue then immediately a layer of color on top of the glue. When it dries the top layer cracks giving this cool, crackled look. Steven helped print out the different fonts and apply it to the wood (he rubs charcoal on the back of the paper and traces over the letters on the wood).

Then we painted some pictures on them and sprayed with clear coat ( Rustoleum Matte Clear) to seal the paint. Then we planted the signpost right out in front.