Friday, April 15, 2011

A few days in Oceanside.

Day 1
Steve just finished working on Green Lantern at Sony so it was time for a break. We went and visited his brother's family down in Oceanside. They have a brand new baby Kaylee that is in the NICU, so we took the older 2 kids part of the time so Annie could go to the hospital. Steve was also dying to go to Legoland. It was almost more than he could take. He smiled so much I swear I thought his lips were going to fall off his face.

There were even some rides Hailey could go on.

Hailey's never been on a ride at a theme park before.

So many Legos! Of course she had to get a picture inside the lion.

What a fun train ride.

Yum, lego carrots and lego corn.

So fun!

Hailey is like a magnet for water. She just can't stay dry.

Just when she least expected it...

Yes, that wet diaper weighs at least 5 pounds, I'm sure.

It was here in the Star Wars exhibit Steve confessed that when he was little he always dreamed of growing up and having a room just for Legos. He told me he still hopes one day he can have that. I told him to talk to me in about 30 years. In the meantime, while I will not allow our home to be overrun by Legos I did tell him it was OK to display his latest set, the Hogwarts castle in our living room.

I think Steve is the only person I know who takes Legos to work to share with his coworkers.

So cool. These are much bigger than the Lego sets you find in stores.

A little city for little Hailey. So cute!

Hailey just wanted to be put down and run around.

Steve: Can R2D2 come home with us?

Steve really wanted her to try on this Indiana Jones hat.

Day 2
Wake up and play on the trampoline.

Then we visited Steve's brother Greg, who gave us a tour of the fire station he works at in Vista.

Then we played at Greg and Annie's house for a while.

And then we took all the small people to see the flower fields.

Sean was mainly interested in collecting stamps at each location. It's like a treasure hunt.

Just beautiful.

Here's what most of the place looks like: fields of flowers of different colors that just keep going and going.

Okay guys, let's get a picture with your cousin Hailey.

Now hold your flowers and look like you're friends.

Give Brianna a piggyback ride, Sean.

Day 3
Thursday we took Hailey, Sean, and Brianna to LegoLand for the day.

Sometimes so much cool stuff tires you out.

This is where all the naughty children go.

The unruly one... she's ours!

I hope he had fun because now the party is over. Tomorrow at this time Steve will be taking the Boy Scouts camping. That may or may not be fun depending on who you talk to.

Good bye Legoland!