Monday, July 27, 2020

Out on the Lake

Aubrey was pretty good last night and ready for the day.

Dad: So what's your favorite part of camping?
Kids: bacon!!

Kendra set out a cup of oatmeal she brought along, as the teapot was heating up. Here's the remnant after Harold thought it was just a cup of trash and threw it in the fire.

Just hanging out, talking about stuff.

Aubrey's so happy to hang out with her siblings.

Harold chartered a boat for us out on the lake.

Aubrey's good as long as she has her passie.

Daddy's had plenty of experience piloting boats out on the lake.

The rest of the family wanted to take turns at the wheel.

Evan was the most excited.

Clarice's turn.

Evan James got a turn.

So nice and peaceful out on the water.

Here Aubrey is passed out.

The view of the lake from our campsite.

Down a path from our campsite and through the bushes we came to what the kids called the"secret spot."

Practicing their stone skipping.

While Aubrey took a nap, we had a family picture together.

Evan, Hailey, and James stayed for another night while Jeni and I took Aubrey home. What a fun trip!