Thursday, July 9, 2020

Evan's Baptism

Today is Evan's baptism. The Church buildings have been closed due to covid these past 3 months but just reopened for baptisms just within the past couple of weeks, so we swooped in to hold Evan's baptism.

We were going to hold the baptism the day after Evan's birthday but uh... I hurt my back on Evan's birthday trying to get the tree stump out of our front yard.

This was the first time I'd ever thrown my back out. I couldn't stand or walk. Jeni and Brent had to help me into bed, and there I stayed all Tuesday recovering. Jeni said I'm getting old. I do turn 39 next week.

So we rescheduled and Evan was baptized today!

We had our family, the Ashcrafts, Greg's family, and Nana at the baptism.

I'm glad we got some pictures of me and Evan before he ran off (he doesn't like all the attention on him).