Monday, May 4, 2020

May 4 COVID-10 Update

We've passed 250,000 worldwide deaths and 3,582,469 confirmed cases worldwide.  This marks 7 weeks in lockdown.

The Governor of California released a 4-stage plan for re-opening, which will be handled at the county level.  We're in Stage 1 now with essential services open including medical, grocery stores, and food places (doing take-out only), and people staying in.

Stage 2 will open up curbside pickup for retail stores, manufacturing, offices, & reopening more public spaces. Schools & childcare is part of stage 2.

Stage 3 includes higher risk workplaces like hair & nail salons, movie theatres, sports without audiences, & church.

Stage 4 is reopening concerts, convention centers, spectators in sports arenas, basically everything reopened again.