Thursday, December 24, 2020

Christmas Eve at Nana's


This girl is up and ready for Christmas Eve.

Lately she's discovered sticking her tongue out.

Ready to head up to Nana's?


Playing with Nana's Lego Christmas village before the Christmas fun begins.

So fun for the grandkids. And don't have to worry about things being broken. Just re-attach the pieces and you're good to go.

Bri loves playing with the baby girl.

Gotta start with the Christmas stockings.

And now a new Christmas game, courtesy of Uncle Greg. Take turns rolling the dice...

Whoever rolls doubles gets their shot at unwrapping the box... with oven mitts on.

Making progress.

Several rounds later we finally get to the last box.

And now it's present time.

Sean gets a turn with baby Aubrey.

Ooh, everybody's gonna be so jealous of James' new Iron Man mech.

Aubrey's pretty excited about all this Christmas stuff.

Showing off her brand new walking skills.

Aubrey just starting walking on her own a few days ago. She's an old pro now.

Off to build his Lego set while the rest of the family continues to open presents.

Evan decided to join James and build some Legos of his own.

Helping each other out.

Nana made a diamond art picture of Iron Man for James.

Playing a few rounds of It's in the Bag! with everyone.

It was great seeing the family. Time to head home in time for Christmas tomorrow.