Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Lego Winter Village

The kids didn't want to help build our Lego Winter Village this year, so I did and I finally put it out on the dining room table.

The latest addition for us is the train station.

I actually had the train station last year but since the kids didn't build and play with the other buildings I didn't get the new one out.

But now that the village is all put together, sure now they all want to play with it. There's the toy shop off to the left and the train station on the right.

The motorized train is their favorite. We also have this little train (in the foreground) and the big Christmas tree.

Santa's Workshop and the reindeer-drawn sleigh.

And this little gingerbread house is so cool.

The kids got the Harry Potter advent calendar from Nana this year. Those minifigures and little builds are scattered around the village, like here with the Claus' Christmas feast.