Monday, April 1, 2019

Super Glue in the Eye

On the way to bed last night I just wanted to super glue a Lego piece the kids broke... and it exploded right into my eye.  It burned and stung as I rushed to the bathroom and tried to rinse my eye out in the shower.  I could feel the encrusted glue on my eyeball underneath my eyelid and it hurt.  Jeni called her dad and we immediately went down to his office to take a look.

Harold set up a visit for me today with Dr. Goodwin, Opthomologist.  Luckily he said it's not serious.  He was able to pull some glue off of my eye and gave me some drops to take for a week while my eye heals from the abrasions.

I'll stay home from work and wear this eye patch today but by tomorrow morning I can take it off and should be back to normal.  But for now I'll hang out with baby Luke.