Monday, October 9, 2017

Evan's Field Trip to Tanaka Farms

Today Evan had a school field trip to Tanaka Farms.  I helped drive and chaperone him and a classmate.

We started with a tractor ride around the farm.

Then went to pet the animals (Evan didn't want to go, but followed us in).

He wouldn't touch any of the animals.

Exploring the corn maze.

Climbing on a tractor before lunch.

Hay bales, of course, meant jumping.

The kids all picked their own vegetables (carrots, onions, radishes, and cilantro).

The kids got to pick their own pumpkin, but they had to carry it themselves.

Evan tried rolling his.

It got a little away from him.

Doing some exploring around the pumpkin patch.

More hay jumping before heading back to school.

Evan had a great time.