Thursday, June 9, 2016

Things for Summer

We picked up a few fun things to get started with our summer break.

Both Hailey and Evan love workbooks.

Got these cool nature books from:

I wanted to do once science project a week so I picked up the first few kits.

Story telling game perfect for little people.

Perfect for writing stories.

I love how easy this is! 

We just picked these up from the library.

Free Printables to give your summer a little loose structure and a TON of fun! Don't go crazy with the kids home - enjoy your summer!! - from
I have seen a bunch of schedules like this online and we are going to modify it so we have something to look forward to each day. And  my kids are happier when we stick to a routine.

Backyard Summer Camp:
This is another fun summer program sold ( $19.99) on