Thursday, June 16, 2016


The last two times we have been to the pool  I have had two mothers tell me all about why they would never want three children. The first mother was giving me grief for having two...imagine her surprise when I told "oh, your mistaken I have three brilliant children not two!"Some people are so rude. Sometimes I can't wrap my head around how selfish  and self absorbed people can be. I feel bad for those kids who parents view them as  a inconvenience and nothing but a  drain on their finances. Those who can 't wait for them to be 18 and gone. So Sad.

I could only tell these mothers that I love all three of my children fiercely. No regrets. I know when I am old and look back on what I did with my life and I am not going to wish I spent more time working and making more money. I am not going to wish I had a newer car or went on more glamours vacations. I will say I am glad I spent time with my family. I am glad I was able to nurture my children. People not things are important to me. 

Everyone competes to get James to smile.