Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Ever feel like you need a pity party after a visit to the doctor's?

We pay for our own health insurance. BOO!
We are still alive and don't have to go in very often.YEAH!

Earlier this year we were notified our already expensive insurance had to meet the new Obama health regulations.... therefore our plan was being dissolved. Now you pay more and get less. The equivalent of our old plan was going to cost $1350 every month.... and that is just for mediocre healthcare. We switched insurances and just took the kids in to a new pediatrician to get the next set of vaccinations.

We were on time for our 9:00am appt. At 11:30 we still had not been seen by the pediatrician. The kids were hungry and bored; Evan was tired and ready for a nap. My patience and temper were long gone so I left the exam room to tell the staff we needed to leave. The kids finally got their vaccinations at 12:10... that took about 3 minutes. The pediatrician wanted blood work done to check for anemia. Why? Well, that was done at 12:20. The blood work was a terrible experience. The kids had to each take their turn on Steve's lap being held down by him and nurse. Hailey was hysterical, screaming for help. We finally left at 12:27 and got home at 1:00 with everyone in bad moods. Absolutely ridiculous!

After we left the doctor's office Hailey cried for an entire hour straight that her arm hurt. She cried most of the afternoon.

Poor Evan isn't feeling well after his vaccinations. He has a fever, upset stomach, and the runs.