Saturday, March 9, 2013

Kidspace Children's Museum in Pasadena

Today's outing was a visit to the KidSpace Children's Museum in Pasadena.

So many fun things to play with.

He's not so sure he likes the slide.

He would rather just find something to practice his standing on.

They had lots of outdoor water areas. 

Just making sure the giant levers work.

This was like a giant marble works station. 

Building with the train tracks.

Connecting magnets

Don't drop me Dad!

Learning how pulleys work.

Lots of cool climbing towers.

It's only a problem when you can't get them to come out, and can't go in to get them.

Climibing like a spider,

This climbing area was right next to a rock climbing wall.

Checking out the vortex.

Hailey has been fascinated by dinosaurs since watching "Dinosaur Train" on Netflix.

There was a fun fossil digging class behind here.

Painting a giant leaf. 

This fun beehive has a vent that lets the bees go outside. We saw some of the new baby bees hatching.

Lot of little craft areas for the kids.

Serving up food at the Bug Cafe.

There was a cool water mill on the side of this outdoor area.

Plenty of water areas, they just request kids keep their clothes and shoes on.

She just can't resist staying out of the water. 

Hailey had a great time floating this boat down the stream.

Fun area set aside for riding bikes.

We had a great  time, but it was time to go home because Steve had invited the neighbors over to hear a message from the missionaries.