Saturday, March 16, 2013

Happy Birthday Baby Kaylee

Evan still has a terrible time in the car. Didn't make it all the way down without throwing up. 

Hailey was excited to see her cousins and to see the pet bunnies.

Actually, she and Steve chased the bunnies.

Evan and I just watched.

Time for some swinging. 

Annie made the kids some paints out of cornstarch, food coloring, and water.

Didn't know if it would stain or not, so the kids all lost their clothes.

Yes, You know it made a mess!

Trying out her new sunglasses

Time for a nap.

Yea, he thought he would do all the spraying,

until he got hit. 

Hailey thinks Brianna has a good dress up collection.

We had a fun time!