Saturday, August 28, 2010

6 Months Old

New Habits: Yes, thank goodness she had stopped shrieking.....what she is doing instead may be just as awful! Her new favorite thing to do is lick the floor. I don't know why as I am pretty sure my floor doesn't taste very good and she does get fed real food. We have to watch her like a hawk! So far she doesn't have a preference between hardwood, tile, or carpet.

She can sit and pull herself up into a standing position. She is a little over confident because she doesn't think she needs to hold on to anything resulting in several bumps, cuts and bruises...usually on her face.

She can crawl pretty fast and likes to get excited and pant like a little puppy.

Hailey thinks her crib is a fun house!

Steve has been working about 80 hours a week. He is gone before the crack of dawn so I let Hailey stay up until he gets home around 10:00 p.m.. She is a night owl just like her dad. Her face just lights up when she see's him walk in the front door.

Finally....a long overdue nap!

Today we went to the zoo.

She was quite entertained by the bird show. She is very curious and loves to explore her surrounding environment.