Saturday, July 10, 2010

Scout Camp

This is no picnic in the park.....

There is something in this picture that does not belong. . . can you tell what it is???
It's a GIRL. It's no wonder this country has gender identity problems.
Girls join girls scouts and boys join boy scouts and girls should NOT be allowed to be boy scouts!

No those boys scouts aren't listening to the man on the stump....
they are thinking of how to hook up with the girl who thinks she is a boy scout!

Steve spent a whole week with the scouts... boy was he happy to come home to a real bed! When Steve got home he showed me his broken sleeping bag that wouldn't zip up. I told him not even a homeless man would want his tattered sleeping bag. I told him, "don't put that back in the garage... throw that out now!" Steve didn't want to throw it out even though I told him we would buy him a brand new one that would work. He still couldn't part with it. Now, Steve slept in all his clothes even his socks and came home covered in mosquito bites... everywhere. What good is a sleeping bag if you can't zip it up and you just become a piece of meat for all the mosquitoes?

After he took out his sleeping bag I saw our good pillow off our bed in the car with the decorative sham still on it. I remember past scout camping trips he went on. The first thing to disappear were my cookie sheets and pans. They never looked that same again. The next trip my favorite red hot pads and oven mitts came home melted. He even put them back in the kitchen... like I wouldn't notice! Our bedroom pillows have been camping before and they have never been the same. I was under the impressions he was not taking them camping again. They can only be washed so many times before they turn into a lumpy mess.

Dear Husband,

I love you and that is why I threw your sleeping bag out in someone else's trash can. Please don't go looking for it because I bought you a new one. I also bought new pillows and if my new pillows go camping I think you will have to buy newer pillows that are even more luxurious than the ones I just bought.

P.S. You can keep the old pillows for you next camping trip.
P.S.S. Please don't take our nice house stuff camping.
P.S.S.S. Please don't ask me how much our new pillows cost... you don't want to know.

-The Wife