Tuesday, May 9, 2023

Field Trip to the Aquarium


Today I went on the 1st grade field trip as a driver to the Aquarium of the Pacific.

It was really nice. The aquarium set up stations out on the beach to teach the kids about marine life.

Groups of school children came from all over for the day.

Learning about tide pools.

Whale station.

Learning about the grunions laying their eggs here on the beach.

Each kid received a small jar of sand with grunion eggs and salt water.

Gently swishing it around simulates the ocean waves enough so that the eggs hatch and little teeny tiny grunions start swimming around in the jars.

The orange sand isn't sand: it's the grunion eggs.

See those bands of orange? Yep, grunion eggs. And the seagulls love to eat them up.

Learning about the impact of trash on the oceans and marine life.

Our final stop was all about jelly fish.

This guy instructed some volunteers on how to do the jellyfish dance.

While waiting for our time in the aquarium, the kids played in the sand.

Members of my group wandered off on their own a few times, but we got that sorted out and explored the aquarium together.

It was a good time for all.