Saturday, December 25, 2021

Merry Christmas!


This year's Christmas game is a board game that I made from our Lego Harry Potter Advent Calendar.

Roll the dice, move ahead, and read a Harry Potter clue card to get to your present.

And they're off finding their presents.

Jeni looked through her stocking then laid back down.

Aubrey's presents are much more easy to find. She has her own little scooter!

It's fun watching these kids solving clues and finding their gifts.

Hailey is so quick to find the presents.

There are only so many places to hide these presents so hiding places tend to get reused year-to-year.

The final clue to finish the game.

Taking a little snuggle break.

And now to unwrap their gifts.

The kids take turns opening their presents from youngest-to-oldest.

James has a lot of expressions.

Evan has been wanting to learn to skateboard.

Some nice boots for our little tween.

A big Lego set for James.

I love seeing the kids get excited.

Ooh, pretty blocks.

Once the kids are done with their presents, Mom and Dad open gifts to each other. We ordered this painting together.

Some nice, new clothes for me.

Since Jeni is so cold all the time, she got a heating vest.

And a guidebook to Machu Picchu for next year's trip.

A bathtub caddie tray.

While Mom and Dad were opening presents, the kids were building their new Lego sets.

I help James when he needs it, otherwise I like letting him do it himself. It helps that Evan is busy with his own Legos so that he doesn't take over James' building.

Even Hailey got her own Lego set.

Aubrey just wanted to eat treats.

Evan loves the Star Wars sets.

James loves the police and fire Legos.

Finally, it was time to head to the Ashcrafts' for more Christmas fun!

And with matching Christmas jammies!

We found the stocking gifts laid out in the front room.

Aubrey wanted to get more snacks.

German spaetzle and sauces for Grandpa.

James has some Lego sets but he sure loves Duplos.

German pyramid brought back from the family's latest trip to Germany.

Yep, that one's Trouble right there.

Sleepy girl.

Some indoor fishing and exploring.

Harold and Kelly surprised Rex and Olive, their oldest grandchildren, with tickets to join them in Hawaii.

And the largest present goes to Evan.

Now he gets to play basketball in the driveway at home.