Saturday, January 25, 2020

Early Birthday at the American Girl Cafe

Today we took the family out to the Grove for Hailey's early birthday outing.

Hailey wanted to spend some time wandering around and browsing before our dinner reservation.

Saw some decorations for Chinese New Year.

Checking things out at Pottery Barn.

That giraffe's almost as tall as Hailey.

Ha ha ha! Posing for the camera.

What if you two had your own boys' room?

Now, on to the American Girl store.

Hailey loves her American Girl dolls she has.

She got to bring Maryellen with her. The others stayed at home.

So much fancy doll stuff everywhere!

Calling in their food orders at the diner.

They even have a little piano!

Hailey and Evan have been doing so well in their own piano lessons. It's something they can be proud of and it gives them discipline to practice.

James liked the little car.

Here's the new girl of the year.

The other kids could each borrow a doll to sit and eat with during dinner.

And we met up with Nana, Annie, and the girls!

A nice birthday dinner at the American Girl Cafe.

We were treated to several courses, starting with cinnamon rolls. And of course the dolls had their own place settings.

Evan didn't care so much about the doll stuff and just wanted to get to the food.

But James was excited about it.

A nice cup of hot cocoa.

Before the main course we had fruit, vegetables, pita bread, and muffins.

We each ordered our own main course, followed by this cute dessert of pudding and cupcake.

It was nice to spend some time with the cousins.

The gallery of past dolls of the year.

Stopping by the fountain, all lit up, on our way home.

Happy early birthday, Hailey!