Sunday, March 31, 2019

Turning 3

Time for birthday cake!  (The owl is for later)

James wanted a T-Rex cake so we got him these Schleich dinosaurs to put on top.

We also picked up a bag of chocolate rocks on our weekend getaway.

The chocolate rocks were a big hit.  See James picking them off one by one.

Gotta load up on more rocks.

Time for presents!

Hailey and Evan were really getting into it.

There are plenty of plastic hammers but we needed something a little durable for James to play with.

Getting ready to work.

He also got a doctor kit.

And a chainsaw.

Hailey is his first patient.

Baby Luke just slept through all of the festivities.

Now it's pinata time.

James got some good first hits in.

No blindfolds for these kids.

The pinata was no match for Hailey once she got her turn.

Dr. James with his next patient.

Trying out his new chainsaw.