Friday, January 4, 2019

Placerita Nature Center

While we have time off from work and school we wanted to spend some time in Santa Clarita.

Here we are at the Placerita Nature Center visitor's center.

Checking on the bees.

It's good to get these kids outside so we hit the trails.

Evan and Hailey checked in on a pair of walkie talkies as they explored.

On our way to the Oak of the Golden Dream: the place where Francisco Lopez dreamed of gold underneath an oak tree.

When he awoke he really did find gold as he collected wild onions, six whole years before the California gold rush in 1848.

Looks like fun!

And we discovered this outdoor theatre.

Running and jumping and chasing each other.

Even little James had to jump across.

So happy to be outside!

And then the boys discovered the piles of leaves everywhere.

Throwing leaves at each other.

Before we left the kids wanted to decorate a fairy garden with acorns... or something like that.

And James just wanted to shoot arrows.

Before Nana got home we went to a playground for a bit.

Look at that little face!

One little slider.

Two little sliders.

Three little sliders!

And a little soccer.  Now, on to Nana's house!