Friday, January 4, 2019

Painting & Rescue Animals

We stayed the night at Nana's house. Here we are on day 2 in Santa Clarita.

At Color Me Mine the kids each picked out their own ceramics to paint: a tree for James.

Spiderman for Evan.

But the new Miles Morales Spiderman, all in black.

A princess for Hailey.

They were so happy to paint it all themselves.

I helped Evan with some of the detailed areas.

Looking good there, Evan!

So pretty!

Having some of Mommy's green juice.
Jeni found this Farm Sanctuary nearby where we could visit some animals.

These are all rescue animals who would've otherwise been farmed for meat.

Petting the sheep and goats.

How's it going there, you sheep?

And there were two baby sheep!

Talking with the donkey.

This cow was just chillin.

The boys tried to feed him some straw.

I don't think he wants any, guys.

Oh, but this cow wanted to lick Hailey.

Ha ha ha ha!

And we finished off by seeing these huge pigs.

They just wanted to lie around and sleep.