Monday, August 14, 2017

Portland Day 6

Rise and shine!  James is excited to start the day.

Our first stop this morning was to see the rose gardens.

Then it was time to run around.

Looks pretty content to be in the swing.

Evan just wanted to jump on the rocks.

We tried the famous food carts for lunch.

A little bit of chess.

This little bird was right outside the Nature Center.

A wild fox appears.

The kids ran ahead to hide and jump out at Steve.... and boy did they scare the pants off the old lady that walked in front of us. Surprise!

Making a seesaw.

James wasn't sure of what the others were up to.

We came across this fairy house.

So Hailey and Evan wanted to make their own.

Good job guys; now let's keep walking.

The kids were screaming and giggling when they saw these almost naked men running in the forest.