Friday, October 21, 2016

Leaving School Early

Oh, I really want one of those!

All I have to do is reach over and grab it.

So close and far away  at the same time.

When I dropped Evan off at joy school one of the mothers asked me  if I put sunscreen on Hailey because the school was going to have a fire/earthquake drill and sit the kids on the blacktop for at least a hour and it was 97 degrees outside.  This mother laughed and said she should pull her kids out out school as they already had a shortened day for parent conferences. And that is exactly what I decided to do. 

Here is a snippet of my conversation with the office.

"I am here to pick up Hailey. Does she have a doctors appointment? No. What is the reason you are picking her up?  I don't want her sitting outside on the blacktop in the heat. How long is your drill? more than an  hour? Yes. Nope, I will just take her with me. Are you bringing her back? Not today." You should have seen the look on their faces.