Monday, February 15, 2016

A Trip to the American Girl Doll Store

President's Day meant no school. We headed down to the grove to wander the shops....mainly the American Girl Doll Store.

We made it clear we were going to look...not to buy.

This store was packed with people. No matter how many times we come here I am shocked by how many parents walk out the door with 2-3 bags full of merchandise.  The dolls alone are $100+ a piece. We bought Hailey's doll on ebay, which seemed like a good route for us to go. 

Hailey brought her doll Kit from home. She now refers to Kit as her "sister".

Hailey has had her eye on this doll Mary Ellen for several months because they have the same red hair color. 

Next we had to take a break for lunch.

And then we headed back to the doll store so Hailey could get her fill.

It was up in the nineties...way too hot for February.

We went home and filled the pool to cool off.

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