Saturday, January 16, 2016

During the week

Out to lunch with my dad's office staff.

Evan was shoveling food in his mouth so fast I don't know how he could breathe.

Made it to week 28....84 days to go.  We switched from our nightmare health insurance to something better.  Transferring my health records didn't fare well and I am not surprised as we had issues with the last ob. And I think there were some dishonest things going on in that office. I was suspicious when the last ob told me on my first visit using a microwave was going to give the baby cancer.  I had to go in 5 different times this week and re-do all the testing from the last 6 months. Sometimes you just have to make the best of the situation and move on.

Hailey has been complaining she doesn't have enough time to play after school. When you are in kindergarten for a full day you don't need to come home and do loads of homework. She has a magnificent teacher and seems to be excelling very well.  We didn't do any homework this week..... we went to the park instead. The kids went to bed so much easier... they practically collapsed in their beds at night.

When we were touring schools a year ago the school in our area with the highest academic score proved they were on to something. The kindergarten teacher explained to my why their school doesn't do homework in the lower grades. She said that research shows most of the homework given is just busy work. The school felt it was more important for kids to spend time with their families. There were over 800+ applicants for that 1 kindergarten class. We didn't make it into that school, but I consider that a valuable conversation. How ironic..... those kids didn't spend hours doing homework and still scored the highest. 

Steve is super busy at work these days. He is working on Call of Duty right now. He is gone early in the morning and home late after 10... 10:30 at night. At least this isn't a permanent schedule and Steve likes where he is working.