Thursday, September 3, 2015

Bits of the Week

Reading together.

The kids are burnt out by the time we get home from school.

This is what Steve does after the kids go to bed.

I told him not to build this for Evan and he went ahead and did it anyways.

Story-time at the library.

Riding the train at the farmer's market.

We bought some peaches today.

Too tired to do anything after school.

And we got birthday cake for Kendra at the bakery.

Evan was crying all day saying his tummy hurt because he needed cake, but we had to wait for Kendra to get home for work before we dove in.

Sunday nap outside.

Now for some pictures from school.  This was right after she and another girl crashed heads while running in the hall.


The kids earned 100 stars and earned a class party and got to wear their pajamas to school.

First day of school.