Sunday, April 26, 2015

More Legos

The kids were so excited to get the Lego trains out.

Steve added all the castles (4 of them) and plants and animals to fill up the table.

We just started getting a CSA (community supported agriculture) box.

Produce from our local farm. We get a little newsletter telling us what's going on with the farm and a new recipe. Sometimes we forget how much work it is to produce food because we just run to the store and pick up what we need when it is convenient.  There is nothing worse that tending to a seed for a few months only to come out the next morning and find some bug ate it for dessert last night.

I didn't know what to so with that swiss chard so we put it in omelettes and it was delicious.

He really loves the Lego Hogwarts Castle...... though he is not supposed to play with it unsupervised. Sneaky little boy!

Got to play Star Wars Legos before Steve leaves for work.

Steve told the kids he was going to build them a surprise for when they woke up.