Saturday, February 7, 2015

A Visit to Legoland

What a nice day to spend at Legoland.

Keep in mind that we only toured a portion of the park.

To some people in this family the Lego store is like a liquor store to an alcoholic..... dangerous!

There's so much to see and do; we couldn't do it all in a single day.

Off to Mini Land!

Oh man. So Cool.

I love how they even decorate with miniature shrubs to match the scale of the Lego buildings.

Now off to the Las Vegas strip.

Evan loved how the Treasure Island pirate ships shoot at each other.

Checking out New York, NY.

Taking a strawberry break.

Got to pose with the Star Wars scenes.


Evan likes Darth Vader.

We played at the playgrounds, rode some rides, and had a great time wandering around. We didn't have to wait more than 10 minutes in lines for any rides.

So much fun.

Riding the Fairy Tale Brook boat ride.

Everything is Awesome!

This Lego Death Star set is $400.

This area is set up to look like the basement in The Lego Movie.

Evan loves the construction trucks.

Look Dad! Trucks!

Love the castle on the hill overlooking the little village.

See the Taj Mahal on the right? That was a $300 set that now sells for around $3,000 new.

There really are so many fun things at Legoland.

Look at that face.

Hey there missy. What have we told you about kissing?

All too soon the day was over.

Glad she has some personality.

On our way out we checked out the Legoland Hotel.

Hailey wanted to help build the Lego pillar in the lobby.

Look at all those mini figures on the back wall.

My favorite part: quiet, sleepy kids!