Thursday, September 1, 2011

Not a stubbed toe

Last night Hailey tripped over a blanket and we could tell that she had hurt her foot. She takes a lot of falls, and usually she forgets about it 20 seconds later. Last night she cried for a long time while clutching her left foot. She refused to walk or put any weight on it. Steven didn't think it was a big deal and told me "Oh, she probably just stubbed her toe. Let's see how she is in the morning." We iced it for a few minutes and gave her some Tylenol. This morning she still refused to walk on her foot and wouldn't even crawl to me for a treat. She just cried and cried while grabbing her foot.

Recently a little girl from Church Hailey's age hurt her foot on a trampoline. She went to the emergency room only to be told it was just sprained. After not doing so well at home they took her to a different doctor who looked at the x-ray and saw that it was actually broken. I took Hailey to my mom's to ask her what she thought. She would tell me if she thought I was overreacting. She watched Hailey limp and said I should take her in. Then she told me how when she broke her foot the doctors at the emergency room told her there was nothing wrong with her foot.2 days later she went to the orthopedics who looked at the same x-rays they identified where it was broken. When she was done my sister Gillian told me how her YW leader just broke her arm and the emergency room people told her she was just "bruised". Come to find out, from a different doctor, that indeed it was broken.

So off to the emergency room we went. The first thing the doctor told me when she walked in was that "children rarely break their bones." Yes, I did give her the "are you stupid" look. How can you say that when you work in an emergency room? I wasn't suggesting Hailey's foot was broken, but I did want it looked at and x-rayed. Thankfully it isn't broken; she just has a bad sprain, and I'm glad it was nothing worse. Moral of the story: don't believe everything the doctors tell you. If you think something's wrong get it checked out and sometimes it worth it to get a second opinion.