Monday, September 26, 2011

Busy Hailey

We have ivy growing on our house and Hailey loves to pick the leaves off.

She likes to pick out what clothes she wears.

Sometimes we go through several outfits in one day. She also likes to bring shoes to Steven and me when we are barefoot.

If I am not watching her she will pick all my flowers.

Every time we see flowers she has to smell them (if she doesn't pick them off first!)

Here she is sitting on her new potty. We decided to start potty training her after she started pooping in the bathtub a few days in a row. She does extremely well if I take her to the bathroom and have her try to go. On those days we can get through a whole day with no accidents. If I just leave in her panties hoping she will go by herself I end up washing 20 pairs of panties in a day. She is funny; we bought her a special jar of potty treats... skittles. She just isn't interested in them. I stopped giving them to her because she would just throw them in the toilet. She just wants praise instead. She thrives on being praised. Just goes to show you different things work for different people.

What a sad, little face.

Don't make me go to bed!

She is happiest outside exploring in other people's yards.

If we don't help her use silverware she just goes back to using her fingers.

She loves to play with her dolls.

We have had caterpillars hatching like crazy on on these saliva plants in our front yard. Hailey is super scared of them for some strange reason and hates it when we bring one close to her.