Saturday, June 18, 2011

Judy's Big Day

A couple of weeks ago my mom and I threw our dear friend Judy a Tiffany's themed shower.

Steve said this was the best piece of cake he ever had in his whole life. Judy and I are predictable....we always order this fresh strawberry cake when we stop in at the bakery. It should be no surprise this is what the wedding cake will made of.

And then it was time for a wedding in Palos Verdes
the limo was full of Ashcrafts

Judy and my parents

Brent and Kendra both came back home for the summer.
I am so glad my parents made all of us get braces!

Steve threw all of Hailey's flower petals.

Here comes the radiant bride

Here entire dress was beaded lace and it was gorgeous!

(Hey Steve, if your reading this don't forget next Thursday is our anniversary)
Just in case you can't read my mind:
Yes, I made dinner reservations.
Yes, you have to dress up.
Yes, I would like flowers...even if you have to cut them out of someone else's front yard
Yes, I would like a gift from you wrapped with a satin bow
No, Hailey can't come with us, but you can see her when we get home from dinner.

some of my lovely sisters....too bad Lauren couldn't make it.

With 5 daughters my dad has got it made when he is old!

I love this cute!

She likes my brother because he gives her treats all the time.

She is thrilled to be wearing pink!

making friends

the peacock that roams the neighborhood snacking on the plants in people's yards

After dinner we were invited to make a pit stop and see the fancy resort they were staying at for a few days.

That is Catalina Island in the background.

Believe me I wish I could stay here, even if it was only for a night.

When I came to my senses and realized I would probably never stay here I swiped the soap out of their second bathroom.... meaning I stuck it down the top of my dress. Then I told Judy I was taking it so it wouldn't be considered stealing. It's crazy they even have phones in the bathrooms.

For their honeymoon they are going to Italy in the fall for 3 weeks!
After they return they are going to have a huge wedding reception! Yea for more wedding cake!