Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Catching up with Hailey

Look at those big fat sad.

Sometimes Hailey wakes up in a sad mood like this :(

Meet Hailey.
She loves to pick her nose and eat it.
She loves to turn the pages in books.
She doesn't like it when it rains and she can't play in her pool.
She loves to eat raisins.
She loves to climb but then can't get down.
She loves pressing buttons and banging on keys.

This is how Hailey felt when she got in trouble for biting me on the arm while I was trimming her toenails so she wouldn't look like a homeless orphan.

I still can't get her to drink out of a sippy cup even though we take it everywhere with us. So opinionated so young!

She get's so excited when Steve comes home. She even cries and chases after him when he leaves in the morning. They like to play chase. She likes to sit in his lap and show him the pictures in her books. They like to play computer games together. They are both little night owls.

She climbed up on the stool herself. I don't think she wanted to wash dishes like I hoped.