Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving in Idaho

Hailey's 2nd plane ride... she loves to go on trips!
Idaho here we come.

Hailey's first time in the snow.

A quick visit to the Ashcraft Homestead in Ogden.

Steven! Where's your coat? And why is Hailey out in the snow without her coat?

She was fascinated by the fishies.

The whole Ashcraft Family

Now just the girls

She likes it out in the snow!

This is the baby that never sleeps... sleeping!

Playing with Lola's toys...
much more fun than the ones she has at home.

Hanging out with Lauren.

She is hoping a treat will land on her tongue.

Hailey is the runt of the group.

Someone made this scarf for my dad on his mission in Germany many many years ago. And it's still fashionable.

Hailey loves to eat out! We ate at Texas Roadhouse the night before Thanksgiving.

Time for a group nap.

Rex and Olive have special Thanksgiving hats.

It was fun seeing everyone in Idaho!