Saturday, February 11, 2023

Birthday Trip to the Farm


For Aubrey's birthday we went to Underwood Family Farms for the day.

Evan cranking the feeder belt up to the goats.

The goats have a pretty fun-looking playground up there.

Hitting up the race track first.

Aubrey hitched a ride with Brent.

Visiting the chickens.

Aubrey's having a great time outdoors. She gets to see the farm animals.

And slide down the harvester slides.

Having races down the slides.

And even sliding together.

They're so cute.

The boys were having a good time on the John Deere slide.

Horses have been a recent interest for Aubrey.

They didn't have pony rides, but the kids could pretend.

Evan's a horseback archer.

They did find a big horse they got to pet.

More goats.


Mini horses.




In the petting zoo, they had baby goats.

These kids love animals.

They frequently ask us if we can get a pet.

Rather than having pets, we have 4 kids so we're good.

So occasionally they get to visit animals like this.

Plus they see the 3 dogs over at Grandma's house all the time.

This goat wanted to nibble on Hailey's sweater.

Jeni was the next target.

The boys wanted to ride the tractor go-carts.

There were 2 big rabbits.

This one was especially large.

It was fun to stop over at the animal show.

Here's one of the bunnies.

All of the kids got on board the little train ride.

Aubrey was so happy to ride by herself.

They rode the train multiple times.

High fives from the train.

So after multiple train rides, we went off to explore the fields.

Not on the horse-drawn carriage, though that looked fun.

We rode on the wagon behind a tractor.

Orange orchards.

Jeni decided to get some produce while we were here.

Hailey picked some cabbage.

Aubrey hid among the flowering broccoli.

James was out exploring. And ninja fighting.

Evan picked some nice cauliflower.

Though it's not strawberry season yet, Hailey went out and picked whatever red strawberries she could find.

Aubrey didn't care whether the strawberries were red or not. We tried to help her out.

The kids all got to pan for gemstones.

Aubrey needed some help.

Gillian got in there too.

Cool crystals.

Well, it's been a fun day.