Friday, April 2, 2021

Happy Birthday James!

Evan, James, and I headed off for birthday donuts this morning.

They told me they were Minecraft villagers.

They like picking out their own donuts.

Racing home with the goodies.

Aubrey couldn't wait to dig in.

Silly boys.

James wanted to start out by opening one of his presents this morning: a stomp rocket.

Everyone wanted a turn making the rocket launch.

Even Aubrey could get it up a few inches.


And now for more presents.

James is the only one of the kids who likes mint. The others won't even use mint toothpaste.

Since we still aren't getting together with my side of the family for birthdays this year due to Covid James opened his presents from Nana on a zoom call.

Evan, who can't stand a new Lego set staying unopened and unbuilt, helped James build his new set.

So cool!

Over at the Ashcraft's we had pizza and birthday cupcakes. James' has a mint lifesaver on top.

Fun to celebrate with the Ames cousins while they're here.

Whoa, that's so many mints.

Another Lego helicopter!

Now James can dress like Miles Morales' Spiderman.

And a whole lot of Pokemon cards.

Everyone wants to check out James' new Pokemon cards.


James got a few rounds of Pokemon in.

Then ran around for a while in his new Spiderman suit.

Happy 5th birthday, James!