Saturday, March 17, 2018

St Patrick's Day at Underwood Farm

The kids got books and treats for St Patrick's Day.

We went for a little early birthday outing for James to Underwood Family Farms.

Waiting for the animal show.

A high-flying chicken.

That is one fat pig.

James loves the doggie.

Going for a ride.

We saw this cute baby goat jumping around.

James tried to catch a chicken.

All aboard!

"Hey! Keep it down or I'm pulling this bus over."

Riding a pony.

James didn't want to ride at first.

But then he saw Hailey and Evan ride and it looked pretty fun.

Good job buddy!

It's nice to see them playing together and getting along.

Gotta pet the baby goat.

Ooh, bunnies!

That James loves animals!

They're so soft!

Baby chickens!

Baby goats!

Giving scritches.

Wanna eat some straw, goat?

Marching around the jump house.

Snack break.

Boarding the little train.

James had a fun time.

Evan and Hailey loved driving the electric tractors around.


Rolling down the hill.

James first wanted to watch.

Then he tried to roll down the hill too.