Thursday, April 13, 2017

Spring Break in Solvang: Day 1

We started our Spring Break trip with a doughnut stop.

But our local doughnut shop closed up that very morning.

Well, it's not Larry's but it'll do.

James got to pick out his very own.

Stealing mama's doughnut.

After a couple of hours driving it was time to stop and explore.

There were so many trees that were hollowed out.

It made for some fun climbing.

Baby James wants to do it all by himself without brother's help.

Good time to run around.

There's my family!

The kids kept trying to wander off.  We had to remind them of the mountain lions.

James just wants to walk around.

Oh hey there.

We found the waterfall!

Petting a lizard.

Next stop: Ostrichland.

They're such big birds.

The ostriches pecked at the food so hard. It made the kids nervous.

Don't forget the emus.

They look like dinosaurs with those scary faces and lizard-like feet.

Time to run around again.

Time to settle down at the hotel.

What are you doing there, baby James?