Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Another crazy day

Steve has a bunch of shirts with holes in them. The two boys and I went  and picked up some new shirts for him. While we were in the parking lot loading up to go home a dark SUV drove up next to us and tried to lure me into the back of their car for a free tv they wanted to give me. Instantly I had a bad feeling comer over me. The guys had on beanies and only rolled the window down part way, but they were very insistent, that I come check out the back of the car just to check it out. I wasn't in the mood to be kidnapped.  There was no one else around us, but there I was screaming and yelling my head off while  I  literally threw my children in the car. The SUV drove ahead a few spots and stopped, I wasn't sure if they were coming back for us. I locked the doors and we got out of there as fast as we could.   I called the police  and made a report. Then the question came about whether I took time to write down the licence plate number. Remember when I said I threw my two young children and hurried to lock the door. I can't tell you how glad I am we said a prayer that morning that we would be protected and safe. Some would say that's a coincidence. I say absolutely not. 

I got up early to make the kids banana muffins and they were not thrilled. I cam back 10 minutes later and told everyone we were having cupcakes for breakfast and the kids were suddenly thrilled.

She loves this skirt Nana made for her birthday.

James was screaming and wanted to be picked up while I started dinner. Finally I bought myself some time and gave him a tiny ice cream cone. 

Meanwhile the sausage burned. 

He was good for about two minutes.

Then he slipped in the ice cream that had dripped all over the floor. Then I considered scrapping dinner and making toast for dinner.

Looks like we got it together; we had breakfast burritos for dinner.

Can you tell James has been here?