Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Around at Home

Sharing a glass of fresh squeezed juice.

He has figured out how to play with his tongue.

Hopefully we will get some grapes this year.

Peaches are getting sweet!

Our first ripe tomatoes.

Time for for the apple blossoms to come out.

Lucky Hailey lured a kitty over to pet.

She figured out how to turn the hose on by herself.

He's happy to play in the water right up until he gets wet.  Then he gets pretty upset.

Evan just wants to help his sister water the plants.

Guess who has an obsession with picking flowers?

Whatcha doing sis?

Let's put sand in our hair....it's what all the awesome people are doing these days. Nothing like waking up in a sandy bed in the morning.

Such delicious bubbles!

She's always excited to paint.