Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Fun

Christmas morning at the Ashcraft house.

Why brush your hair when you could be opening presents?

After Church I sat down and read an entire new book in a little over 2 hours.
Where was Hailey?? I don't know who was even watching her.

This new camera and I have to compete for Steve's attention.

All dressed for Church.

My youngest sister had a birthday right before Christmas. The night of her birthday it was too dark to go outside and break the pinata.... so we smashed it to pieces after Church.

My sister's new husband is like Steve's long lost twin. So many common personality characteristics. We Ashcrafts.... we know how to pick them!

Hailey was the only one who did not have to wear a blindfold.

Hailey likes to find the elf and then put him back in one of his previous hiding spots.

I told Steve if he made me breakfast I would brush my hair and put my makeup on. Otherwise I was going to go to Church looking like the bag lady... and he would have to sit next to me.

Even Hailey found time to take a bath before going to Church.

Making homemade gingerbread houses from scratch is a ton of work. This year I bought a gingerbread house for Hailey that was already assembled that just needed to be decorated. Much more enjoyable for everyone this way.

My sister Lauren and her husband Tyler flew in from cold Provo for a few days. Tyler wanted to go swimming in the ocean so to the beach we went.

Hailey thinks she is a beached whale. She did go down to the water with my siblings, but the water was too cold for swimming. Personally, I like to stay dry on land and watch. I do not like being in water where I can't see the bottom.

Tyler has a ninja turtle chest... just what he always wanted. I remember when I was little we would bury people at the beach. After we covered them in sand we would dig little holes over their stomach and drop sand crabs down the hole.