Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Hailey during the week

She likes to have her hair done and get her toenails painted.
What a little lady.

As you can see she likes to pose for pictures.

She is at a funny stage right now. She loves to pick out her own clothes. She is not interested in wearing what we want her to wear, and that is fine. She is allowed to have her own opinion. She does not like to wear pants. She only wants to wear dresses and cries bloody murder when she has to take them off to get in the bath. I guess when it gets cold she will just have to wear leggings and sweaters with her dresses.

I just gave her some glittery pine cones left over from a craft a couple of years ago. She loves to move them from one flower pot to the next. One of her chores is to help water the flowers in our yard.

It is not very often she doesn't have something to say.

My friend Judy got Hailey this cute jewelry box at my baby shower. Hailey is obsessed with it. She loves to watch the ballerina twirl. She loves jewelry. I have never been a fan of that cheap plastic kids jewelry so I just gave her some of mine to play with until she gets some of her own. This has provided hours of fun for her.